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It's the longest shortest time.

Let's work together to tell the precious story of your family as it is right now, before they grow even one more inch!


We have decided to put the business on hold for 2019.

We will be accepting very limited commissions this year and expect to have lengthy turn-around times for the commissions we do take. If you’re absolutely set on the idea of working with us specifically and don’t mind a little bit of a wait, feel free to reach out.

If you are interested in finding another photographer to work with, here are a few to get you started. I know each of them personally and trust them to take wonderful care of you! (Listed alphabetically):

Adrienne Fletcher

Betsy Hansen

Footstone Photography

Jimmy Ho


Kids grow and change so quickly.

They will be grown before you know it: those curly pigtails gone, the toothy grin filled in, the tiny fingers and toes all grown up, and the chubby cheeks slimmed down. The best time to document your kids and your family life is right now. You are perfect now. Your family is perfect now. Celebrate it!

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